UBRi optimizes and facilitates critical closed-loop solutions in the battery recycling eco-system

UBRi helps clients across the battery ecosystem

manage the risks and address the challenges they face in securing environmentally
and economically sustainable recycling solutions

Identifying and vetting reliable, ethical downstream recycling resources

  • UBRi has invested more than 12 years developing our Global Partner Network (GPN) of downstream processors

  • All GPN members must pass stringent screening requirements which include:

    • Compliance with country/local regulatory, licensing, and permitting requirements

    • R2 compliance

    • Financial viability audits

    • Onsite operations, health, and safety audits

Maximizing efficiency of transporting materials to downstream vendors

  • UBRi takes legal ownership of materials at your dock

  • UBRi will provide global sorting and packaging standards.

  • UBRi has assembled a team of global logistics partners who provide:

    • Compliance with EPA, Basel TFS, and EU Hazardous Materials Shipment Regulations (Annex VII)

    • Efficient shipping routes and modes from any origin point to any of our GPN destinations

    • Export/import services as required by origin and destination countries

Ensuring compliance and accountability of downstream vendors

  • UBRi performs all vendor management activities:

    • ​Periodic audits of logistics and GPN partners to ensure ongoing compliance with our standards

    • Traceability of materials from pickup to final disposition

    • Recycling efficiency and mass balance reporting

    • Onsite operations, health, and safety audits

    • Video monitoring of recycling operations (in process)

    • Client is welcome for onsite audits but never needs to engage with downstream vendors directly

Growing and adjusting downstream capacity requirements

  • UBRi operates the highest capacity, most flexible battery processing network in the industry

  • Current UBRi global processing capacity of 8,000MT per month and will double again by 2022

  • Our evolving global partner network has processing capability on three continents, not only ensuring industry-leading capacity but increasing process proximity and reducing transport costs

Mitigating risks and impact of unpredictable downstream issues

  • UBRi takes ownership of materials from your dock to the recycling destination

  • Where required, UBRi can also provide an insurance bond or financial guarantee to ensure the proper handling of materials in the event of a processor failure

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