Our Vision Expands On Our Mission To Create A World Free From Battery Waste

  • Provide our clients with productive and safe battery reuse and recycling solutions so they can focus on their core businesses.
  • Deploy and constantly improve analytical systems and operational processes to allow for optimal economic recovery opportunities, and to maximize responsible battery recycling solutions.

  • Protect public health and the environment by promoting the circular recovery of battery materials while adhering to strict environmental, ethical, and labor safety standards.

  • Continuously propagate best practices through knowledge-sharing partnerships with industry-leading global recycling firms who will help us raise the bar on efficiency for all our global operations.

  • Leverage our ever-adapting global footprint to access international markets that are leading the investments in treatment capacity and can generate the highest recoveries for end-of-life batteries and battery materials.

  • Responsibly grow our business while treating our customers, partners and employees ethically and fairly.

Our Values Guide Us In Pursuit Of Our Mission

  • Environmentally Conscious: Our company is founded on a commitment to environmental stewardship and all of our decision-making is, first and foremost, aligned with that commitment.

  • Transparent: With one another, our customers, and our partners, we don’t hesitate to share issues, concerns, and praise. And we always do so using a context-appropriate, fact-based approach.

  • Solutions-Oriented: We leverage our unique body of experience to develop and deploy innovative, industry-leading, environmentally-sound solutions to address our clients’ most difficult battery disposition challenges.

  • Continuously Self-Improving: We set high goals, monitor our progress against defined metrics, and continuously seek feedback from both clients and colleagues; we take responsibility for our shortcomings and work to address them.

  • Team Spirited: We put the goals, needs and success of the team above our own; we believe that individuals succeed when the team succeeds, and vice versa.

Our Team

UBRi brings 25 years of innovation and experience in global battery reuse, repurpose and recycling across all types of batteries and chemistries including Li-Ion and EVs

Michael Czarnota


Kitty Tong

Director of Asia

Joshua Czarnota

Director of Marketing